Owl Pillow

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Today's project is a little something for the home. It's an owl pillow! This is great for, well, anyone who likes owls (and come on. who doesn't?) but also could be fun for anyone who likes to keep things fresh around the house. And you can totally suit this to anyone's style. Change the color of the pillow cover to match their decor, or even change the color of the owl to mix things up a bit! A white pillow with a rainbow color owl would be a fun twist, or even a gray pillow with a red and white owl. Or try a monochromatic owl in shades of blue. But let's start with this guy. Here's all you need to make one (actually you can get two out of it so go ahead and make a pair!):

1.5 yards navy cotton fabric
1/4 yard dark brown felt
1/4 yard medium brown felt (I bought by the yard because I liked the colors better than the felt sheets)
1/4 yard off-white felt
thread (I used off-white for the owl and navy for the pillowcase)
16 x 16" pillow form (buy a second one if you're planning to make a pair)
owl pattern (download from the site)

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