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Hi, friends! I made an oven mitt about a year ago (almost exactly to the day) and since then I’ve been getting requests for a tutorial. Now, I get a little bit of grace because I was 37 weeks pregnant at the time, so I wasn’t on top of much except for growing, delivering and nursing a tiny babe for quite a while after that. But, I definitely can’t let a year go by without checking this off my list, right?
So, here it is. With eleventy-billion photos and lots of very helpful details. Promise me you’ll send photos of yours if you make one?! I LOVE getting your photos of things you’ve made with my tutorials!

The supplies:
1/2 yard Insul-Bright insulating batting – you can buy it at JoAnns. It’s also great for ironing board covers or flat iron cases!
1/2 yard pretty cotton fabric (I’ve used both quilting weight and home decor weight, and both seem to do fine.)
1/2 yard lining fabric. I’ve used chenille, home decor fabric and flannel. I like the flannel because it’s soft. Really you could cut up an old sweatshirt for this, it won’t be seen at all. Terry cloth is nice, too. Just use something a bit thicker.
coordinating thread
scissors (and snips if you like to cut your threads with tiny scissors)
sewing machine

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