River Song Moleskine Journal {Doctor Who}

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Make a Moleskine Journal with a Tardis twist, inspired by River Song's own journal. It's more of a subtle modern twist on the actual notebook, but I think it's something the Whovians out there will enjoy and it's really easy to DIY. Husband came up with this one all on his own. We're definitely Dr. Who fans and River Song is my favorite (I put in on our list of baby names in case Baby A turned out to be a girl. Husband vetoed it. Boo.). But he knows I love a good Moleskine so when he came across these pretty blue ones he hatched a plan! I'm sure they are great as journals, but they're also great for general note-taking and such. I have one that I use just for writing down all the funny things B says and does. Read it and you will laugh until you cry. Seriously. But I also like them for writing down anything I want to remember later. Favorite verses, new recipes, good advice, Christmas lists.... you name it! Here's all you need to make one:

a tardis blue Moleskine
sliver spray paint
contact paper & an exacto knife
template (download it here)

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