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Today we're putting together a fun gift for your crafty friends. It's a mason jar sewing kit... with a twist! It has everything you need to make your own clutch or tote bag! One of my favorite gifts last year was this cute little sewing kit with a pin cushion on top that my cousin made for me. The bottom is full of little sewing do-dads and thread. So cute, and so practical for a sewing girl like myself! So I thought it would be fun to take it just a step further. You know how people are always making cookie mixes and stuff in jars? Well, I thought why not make a sewing kit and include everything you need to actually complete a small project?! You make the pin-cushion-topped jar and instead of flour & sugar fill it up with fabric pieces, thread, directions for completing the project (I made printables of a couple different options for you), and other sewing goodies. Here's all you need to make one:

Mason jar with lid
hot glue gun
small piece of fabric
small amount of stuffing
whatever fabrics and supplies you need for the project you'll be packing
printed instructions for making a clutch or tote bag

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