Wooden Animal Treehouse

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One of the main reasons we love DIY is that it's a great way to save a few dollars on the things we need and want. And gifts for our little guys are no exception! I feel like toys can be a little trickier because (unless you're making clothes or stuffed animals) they can be more complicated or harder to make. And that's exactly how I felt when I first discovered the Anamalz treehouses (see them here and here). Last year I found Anamalz wooden animal toys on a half-off site for a great price and bought a few for Big Brother's birthday. We liked them so much that when I found a deal on them again we decided to get him a few more for Christmas. This time I found them in a co-op group and the buy included the treehouse. That's when I fell in love with it. Then I found out that even with a 50% discount, the treehouse was $70. SEVENTY DOLLARS. Did I mention they are around $140 regular price? Sorry, folks, that's nowhere near our budget! So I decided to take a swing at toy making and see just how hard it would be to make a little wooden treehouse of our own. And it turns out... it's really not! And if you have scrap wood laying around you can make it almost for free!
Our treehouse has lots of features like canopy at the top. Big Brother calls it the tent.
The perfect size for our little Anamalz bear.
He's also nice and cozy in the archway at the base of the tree.
There are two leafy green layers and a vine in case you have any monkeys in the jungle!
It stands just about two feet tall with lots of levels, including a little bird nest.

Here's what you need to make one (but remember we were working from scraps here so feel free to improvise however you need to!):

1" diameter dowel rod
1/2" plywood
3/4" plywood
2" dowel rod
green fleece fabric
green quilting cotton fabric
Kreg Jig (we used it to attach the shelves, but if you're creative you can get by without it)
screws (I think we used 1" and 2" screws and 1.25" Kreg screws for different parts)

Overall dimensions are roughly 2' tall x 1' wide x 1' deep.

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