Wire Bird's Nest Necklace

Postby Nathan-MoreLikeHome » November 22nd, 2013 » pinned x times

These bird's nest necklaces are really easy to make, and one of the fastest projects we'll do this week. So they are great if you're looking for last minute ideas. But my favorite thing about these is how sweet and personal they can be. They a great for moms because you can match the number of eggs to their number of kids, use her favorite colors, and even use different colors or sizes for girls and boys if you want. What a beautiful tribute to a mom's greatest work! I made this necklace for myself with two little aqua colored eggs for my two boys. It's even more special to me because I brought the beads back from a mission trip years ago. Seriously, guys, there are so many ways to give this gift a really meaningful, personal touch.

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