Chocolate Covered Stuffed Strawberry Hearts

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There are two things I am certain of:

1. The best part of Valentine’s day as a child was not receiving the candy, but making those silly cards in art. The more glitter the better. Glitter was like a drug for me. Imagine me, but much smaller and bowl cut bangs (thanks, Dad) dumping glitter in wide-eyed hysterics. I would bite any classmate who tried to grab the glitter first. Those flecks adhered themselves to my skin and hair for the better part of the year.

2. I LOVE my stuffed strawberry recipes, so why not create a Valentine’s version of the food that I feel unconditional affection for?

And so, my marshmallow filled strawberries (covered in glitter, of course) were born. By the way, there is no gluten in these in case you have an allergy or special diet.

Here’s What You Need For Your Marshmallow Filled Strawberries,

-store-bought marshmallow cream (Fluff is one brand, but there are probably more natural versions out there)
cook your own as I always do and experience the most heavenly thing you have ever tasted
-Egg whites
-Cream of tartar
-Corn syrup
-Sugar ( know the kind people put in their coffee)

-Good quality dark chocolate
-Either red candy melts OR a red candy pen (Both can be found at baking supply stores, some iParty stores, or arts & craft stores. William Sonoma sells a few colors in candy pens as well.)
-Red disco dust (this is like an edible glitter, I purchase mine at baking supply stores or online. Google it.)
-Strawberries (larger ones are better, but medium strawberries are fine. Heck, even small ones work so long as you don’t need a ton of marshmallow.)

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