Apple Cinnamon Crepes

Postby Nathan-MoreLikeHome » October 1st, 2013 » pinned x times

Apple pie has always been one of my most favorite desserts, and I am also addicted to crepes. As I was brainstorming the other day about what kind of new filling I should try for the stack of crepes I always seem to have somewhere nearby (perhaps, because I love making them from scratch), I figured I just couldn’t go wrong by mixing finely chopped apples with brown sugar and cinnamon and then stuffing that into a crepe. Oh boy! These apple cinnamon crepes turned out so good!

These stuffed crepes are really like an apple pie at its finest: French dessert and traditional American dessert combined in one. They did not last long in my house: in fact, my husband never got a chance to eat a single crepe. He never knew I made them. I’ve eaten them for breakfast, afternoon snack and after dinner dessert. I’ve suffered withdrawal after the crepes were all gone, and had to make some more, dusting them with loads of powdered sugar.

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