DIY Hair Gift Set

Postby Nathan-MoreLikeHome » November 22nd, 2013 » pinned x times

Today we're wrapping up ladies week with some fun accessories. This is another one that is super easy to make and great for last minute gifts! It's actually two projects in one because we'll be making fabric headbands and beaded bobby pins for a hair styling gift set! These are perfect for an accessory-loving friend, or really anyone with hair! ;) The headbands are nice and wide and they tie in the back so you don't have to mess with elastic. Which is a super bonus for me because apparently I have a weird head-shape and have never found an elastic headband that will stay on my head! The bobby pins are a fun way to add a little color and sparkle to your day. Make a bunch to go with any outfit! I like to use them alone to pull my hair back, or stick them around a bun just for pretty! You can mix and match the pieces to make some really cute little gift sets. Ready to get started? What you need:

quilting cotton (1/4 yard or a scrap 4.5 x 32" piece)
bobby pin
small piece of wire (I used bronze left over from my bird nest necklaces)

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