Dyed Wrap {Baby-Wearing}

Postby Nathan-MoreLikeHome » April 16th, 2014 » pinned x times

My favorite way to wear Baby Brother right now is the wrap a friend made for my when Big Brother was tiny. She dyed it a pretty gray color and I loved it. But now I've reached a point where I feel like it's maybe just a bit boring? I'm more exciting than plain gray, right? So I decided to give my wrap a little dip dye makeover.

The dye wasn't very hard to do and it was actually SUPER fun. I made some mistakes so some spots are a bit splotchy and uneven. But I still love it! Here's a rundown of how I did it next time, and what I would change next time to fix my mistakes. Here's what you need to get started:

a wrap
soda ash
fiber reactive dye
well ventilated area, mask & gloves
container like a small garbage can
coffee filter
hangers, clothes pins, and something to hang it on like a tension rod or drying rack

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